...And you thought ve ver dead!..

Now I can tell you vhat really happens..

One morning, Boris steps outside to pick up newspaper, and slips on frozen stair step and cracks head open!
I was in coma for almost a whole year long, when the doctors found me and began to worry.
They say I would be a vegetable, or paralyzed maybe... But Boris will never settle for halfway things! I come home with both!

I am thinking that maybe you will find blog a little funner now.


And ve are thinking that now is being good time to post new post.

Maybe you have been vondering vhy only Boris is posting all of these times - vonder no longer!

It is because I am beginning to thinking that Molotov died in cold war...
or because my name looks so good under post.

Ve vill see.


KGB Survival Tips!

After much careful planning and procrastination, we present to you...

"The Diary of KGB Agent!"

Never released before, this will contain practical information about things you always wanted to know about being KGB agent, such as:

How to stay warm in wild, with only a bottle of vodka and potato!

How to make vodka from perfume, potato...anything!

2045 ways to cook potato!

How to find wife in 35 years (Or less!)

And so much more(!)

Only you, the select few faithful are lucky enough to get ahold of such useful things as this!

So now, on to ultimate-KGB-agent-questionaire to see if you are qualified to be agent, or if you may have tendencies towards secret service business!!

1. Do you find yourself sometimes keeping watch on those you live with? Little things like: Keeping track of passport, Social Security number, wallet, personal ID, height, eye color, fingerprints, DNA data, etc...

2. Do you find yourself making mental escape routes to exit from bathroom, living room, closet, etc..

3. And lastly, because our resources are running dry: Do you sometimes find yourself collecting any of these ingredients from pharmacies: potassium nitrate, phosphorous pentoxide, acetic acid, hydrogen sulfide?

Ok, now for how you score!!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the good news is that maybe you are qualified to be agent! The bad news is you may already be terrorist.

Do svyazee!


"Party Like It's '17!"


Our glorious new blog has awakened, welcome to KGB central.
Were we in the year 1917, we would say to you: "we hope you will not be happy with this site, our job is to brainwash, not to please."
Thankfully times have changed, and now, we have been allowed to pleasure you while subtly brainwashing you with cleverly disguised propaganda.
So be pleasured!

Until next time, my frail human minds...